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Looking for idea and suggession to train heroes Options · View
Tronk Passion
Posted: Monday, May 29, 2017 8:49:40 AM
Rank: Newbie
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Joined: 9/30/2015
Posts: 5
SoA: 46
Level 1
Str 2 Bra 4
Dex 6 Tou 6
Int 12 Swi 11
Lea 5

Current Weapon Battle Axe & Throwing Javelins, Race Elf

I need help and idea how to train this hero, never train this type of hero before, because his attributes looks good for light weapon(battle staff, dagger) but he is currently holding heavy weapons.

But his Str only 2, So my questions:

1. Should I change and train him with light weapon?

2. Keep current weapons and taking longer time to rising his Str attributes?

Thanks for all the help, really need help so I not making mistakes by my wrong training decisions.
Posted: Monday, May 29, 2017 3:56:39 PM
Rank: Advanced Member
Groups: Member

Joined: 7/23/2012
Posts: 138
Sent you e-mail, as there are a lot of things to say. In short, the hero have awesome stats and can be trained anyway you like.
Training him as power hero will be a bit more tricky and it will take more time to develop him to his full potential.
Training him as staffer is easier and the development of the hero will be faster.
Note, that in both cases you will have to spend quite a lot training points - if you want to develop his strength, you have to throw 60+ training points ASAP to str attribute
and if you want to make him staffer, you have to throw 60 training points (30 for staff, 30 for longbow or crossbow) to teach him how to use his new weapons at 3* (but you are not in a hurry to do this).
Tronk Passion
Posted: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 1:46:56 AM
Rank: Newbie
Groups: Member

Joined: 9/30/2015
Posts: 5
Thanks for all the help Lord Oki, Very appreciating all the info and idea.
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